Athletes are required to wear the Centre uniform at Centre meetings and at all representative meetings outside the Centre.









Registration Numbers

The Registration Numbers are to be worn on the front of the athlete’s singlet or body suit as high as possible. The singlet has to be tucked into the pants with the number still showing. The Age Numbers are to be sewn on the left front of the singlet or pants. We suggest it be sewn on like a pocket, with the top open, so the children can store their achievement slips.

The shirt/singlet/crop top are spliced: top part – blue, centre – thin white band, bottom section – red.

The shorts are blue for boys and girls.

Uniforms can be purchased on Registration days, and from the Canteen area during the season.

Old style uniforms ( can still be worn at club level / Gran Prix gala days this season )

New style uniforms MUST be worn at representative level competitions ie. Zone, Regional.